13b. MAPPA Meeting Minutes (updated 2022)

Accuracy and Timeliness

Standard - Minutes are accurate and distributed in a timely manner

13b.1Accurate records of MAPPA meetings must be kept. MAPPA C should be used for this purpose. The use of any other document or alterations to the MAPPA C must be approved by the SMB and a clear rationale for departing from the statutory guidance recorded. The National MAPPA Team is interested in the experience of MAPPA areas and is interested in feedback where SMBs identify things they would like to change. MAPPA minutes must be written in a way that allows those not present at the meeting to understand the nature of the discussion and the issues involved in the case without any prior knowledge of the offender. All decisions made and actions set, as well as the rationale behind them, must be recorded in the minutes. The minutes should accurately reflect all the different viewpoints presented in the meeting. The records must also set out the decisions made and the rationale for them (see Chapter 11.14 for more information on defensible decision making[1] ).

13b.2 For information on recording meetings to assist with minute taking, see Chapter 13a.43.

Updated: May 2022

1. Kemshall, H. (1998) Defensible Decisions for Risk: Or It's the Doers Wot Get the Blame. Probation Journal, 45 (2) 67-72, http://prb.sagepub.com/content/45/2/67.abstract, Kemshall, H. (2009) Working with sex offenders in a climate of public blame and anxiety: How to make defensible decisions for risk. Journal of Sexual Aggression, 15 (3) 331-343; http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/13552600903031195 [back]