2. Responsible Authority & Lead Agency (updated 2019)

Responsible Authority

2.1 The Responsible Authority (RA) consists of the Police, Probation Service, and Prison Service acting jointly in each area. It is fundamental to the operation of MAPPA, as outlined in sections 325 to 327B of the Criminal Justice Act 2003 (see Appendix 1). The RA must:

  • Make arrangements for assessing and managing the risks posed by MAPPA eligible offenders in its area.
  • Co-operate with prescribed agencies, including local authorities and Youth Offending Teams (YOT), who have a reciprocal duty to co-operate with the RA.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of its arrangements and publish an annual report.
  • Work alongside Lay Advisers appointed by the Secretary of State.
  • Consider disclosing information about offenders in order to protect the public.

2.2 The role and functions of the RA are exercised through the Strategic Management Board (SMB) (see Chapter 4 - Strategic Management Board) which oversees the whole MAPPA structure. This chapter focuses on the three criminal justice agencies that make up the RA and those agencies that can act as lead agencies in the management of MAPPA cases.