4. Strategic Management Board (updated 2019)


Standard: There is a properly-constituted Strategic Management Board for all MAPPA areas

4.1 The Strategic Management Board (SMB) is the means by which the Responsible Authority fulfils its duties under section 326(1) of the Criminal Justice Act 2003 to:

"keep the arrangements (i.e. MAPPA) under review with a view to monitoring their effectiveness and making any changes to them that appear necessary or expedient."

4.2 The SMB is therefore responsible for managing MAPPA activity in its area. This will include reviewing its operations for quality and effectiveness and planning how to accommodate any changes as a result of legislative changes, national guidance or wider criminal justice changes. The Secretary of State retains the power to issue guidance to the Responsible Authority on the discharge of its functions under MAPPA. The SMB is responsible for the implementation of the MAPPA Guidance in their area, in line with local initiatives and priorities.

Standard: The SMB will be chaired by a senior member of the Responsible Authority

4.3 The SMB must have a Chair who is responsible for the work of the SMB. The Chair will either be a Police Assistant Chief Constable, Probation LDU Head or Prison Group Director. The role of the Chair can be shared, although it is important that this does not hinder consistency or the development of good practice. The SMB must ensure the role of Chair is not vacant for longer than absolutely necessary and suitable handover arrangements are put in place.

4.4 It is good practice for the chair to rotate between the Responsible Authority agencies with each agency holding the chair for a period of time. This should be long enough to provide consistency and enable the development of good practice.