Standard - The SMB facilitates the appointment of two Lay Advisers by the Secretary of State

5.1 Section 326 of the Criminal Justice Act 2003 requires the Minister to appoint two Lay Advisers to each Responsible Authority (RA) area. Areas may have more than two Lay Advisers at the Minister's discretion. The Act makes clear that Lay Advisers are appointed to be consulted in the respect of the review of MAPPA functions. They must be consulted in monitoring the effectiveness of MAPPA and any changes made in order to bring about improvement. They do not have a role in decisions about, or the management of, individual cases assigned to MAPPA. Lay Advisers will operate as full members of the area's Strategic Management Board (SMB), participating in the SMB itself and any relevant sub-groups or working parties. Lay Advisers are voluntary public appointments and are unpaid.