19. Critical Public Protection Cases (updated 2017)


19.1 The Probation Service can refer cases, which present the highest risk of serious harm and where there are particularly complex issues to manage (e.g. national notoriety or significant media profile) for Critical Public Protection Case (CPPC) registration. The relevant Probation Instruction is PI 06/2013 The Registration and Management of Critical Public Protection Cases.

19.2 PI 06/2013 clarifies the purposes and criteria for registering CPPCs and sets out the process for referring a case to the CPPC Team for registration. It defines the additional resources that may be available to assist with the management of the case and describes the roles and responsibilities of the Probation Service and CPPC Team following registration.

19.3 The Instruction also confirms the purpose, criteria and process for national co-ordination in the management of a very small number of violent or sexual offenders (National CPPCs) who present complex resettlement challenges, often because of their national notoriety.