20. Serious Case Reviews (updated 2012)


20.1 Although the risk of serious harm can be managed, it cannot be eliminated. The Responsible Authority and Duty to Co-operate ("DTC") agencies are expected to do all they reasonably can to protect the public from serious harm, but there will be occasions when an offender subject to MAPPA commits a Serious Further Offence ("SFO"). This section explains the MAPPA Serious Case Review ("MAPPA SCR") process following an SFO.

20.2 The purpose of the MAPPA SCR is to examine whether the MAPP arrangements were effectively applied and whether the agencies worked together to do all they reasonably could to manage effectively the risk of further offending in the community.

20.3 The aims of the MAPPA SCR will be to establish whether there are lessons to be learned, to identify them clearly, to decide how they will be acted upon, and, as a result, to inform the future development of MAPPA policies and procedures in order to protect the public better. It may also identify areas of good practice.