22.1 All MAPPA Chairs and Probation Practitioners should be familiar with the 2015 Code of Practice for Victims of Crime, which outlines the minimum standards for criminal justice agencies providing specified service to victims.

22.2 Victim safety, preventing re-victimisation and avoiding the creation of new victims are fundamental to public protection. It is essential for decision-making to be informed by effective engagement with previous and current victims, and where practicable and appropriate, with potential victims as well. Lead agencies need to be satisfied that the risk assessment identifies victims and potential victims who may be at risk and that the Risk Management Plan (RMP) provides appropriate measures to protect them under its victim safety section.[1]

22.3 Where the victim has been referred to a Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC) and the offender is being managed through MAPPA, information relating to the RMP in respect of the victim(s) should be shared in order to avoid duplication of effort. For further information on MARAC please see paragraphs 22.20 - 22.25.

1. For further information on RMP and the victim safety heading, please see Chapter 12 – Risk Management Plan. [back]