31. Performance Monitoring and Improvement (updated 2012)


Standard: SMBs should have arrangements in place to monitor and improve the operation of MAPPA and to demonstrate compliance with the MAPPA Key Performance Indicators ("KPIs")

31.1 For MAPPA to work effectively, each agency needs to fulfil its legal obligations and to work with other agencies to achieve the robust and defensible risk management of MAPPA offenders. The Responsible Authority, through the Strategic Management Board ("SMB"), needs to be able to demonstrate this empirically through its monitoring and evaluation of its performance.

31.2 Monitoring and analysis of MAPPA operations therefore has the following objectives:

  1. To provide evidence that the statutory duties regarding the organisation and delivery of MAPPA are being delivered, including the provision of data for the Annual MAPPA Report and National Statistics.
  2. To provide evidence that the defensibility test is being met, i.e. was everything done that could reasonably have been done to prevent offenders from re-offending?

31.3 In order to meet these objectives, it will be necessary to collect and analyse a range of quantitative and qualitative data. This will include compliance with the MAPPA KPIs (see paragraph 21 below).

31.4 It is for local MAPPA SMBs to determine how they will achieve these objectives. Areas may choose to establish a Performance and Review sub-group, but other arrangements are permissible. This section provides guidance on what areas of performance should be measured as part of local MAPPA performance processes. It is particularly relevant to SMBs, Responsible Authority Leads and MAPPA Co-ordinators.

31.5 The SMB will respond to HM Inspectorate of Probation inspections which link to MAPPA, and will make appropriate adjustments.