Frequently Asked Questions

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I am a MAPPA offender. How does this affect me?
Although you are a MAPPA offender, this does not necessarily mean that there will be MAPP meetings about you. In fact, most offenders are managed at level 1 through ordinary agency management.

Offenders do not attend MAPP meetings. However, it is usual to be told about the meeting so that you can work together with the agencies to lower the risks and for you to reduce the chance of re-offending.

The priority for MAPPA will always be protecting the public and this is best achieved by helping you, the offender, to be settled, stable and safe. Because each offender has different needs, this will often involve a number of agencies working together with you. For example, where an offender is eligible for rehousing, the location of a new property may be discussed at a MAPP meeting to make sure it is not near to victims of the offence(s); or where someone needs help from the drug, alcohol or mental health services, this will be arranged so all agencies know about it.

As an offender subject to MAPPA, it is important that you work with all the relevant agencies to minimise your risk to the public.