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How are victims involved in MAPPA?
MAPPA is all about protecting the public. All MAPP meetings will identify who could be at risk from an offender and how those people can be protected.

In all cases where an offender has been sentenced to 12 months prison or more for a sexual or violent offence, the victim(s) will be offered contact by the probation service
Victim Liaison Officer (VLO). The VLO will keep the victim informed of any significant events in the sentence and help them ensure that their views are taken into account when planning for the offender’s release. This might, for example, include additional conditions in the post-release licence to stop the offender contacting the victim or to exclude the offender from the area where the victim lives.

Victims will not go to MAPP meetings but the VLO will attend. The VLO will ensure that the victim’s views and needs are properly represented.