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How do I find out more about MAPPA in my area?
Every police force area in England and Wales has a Strategic Management Board (SMB) which is responsible for making sure that MAPPA is working well in your area. The SMB is attended by senior managers from police, probation and prison services (who make up the Responsible Authority and together are legally responsible for the management of MAPPA) and those agencies who have a ‘duty to co-operate’. They are: Youth Offending Teams, Health Trusts and Authorities, Social Care Services, Local Authority Housing, Registered Social Landlords, Jobcentre Plus and Electronic Monitoring Providers. Two members of the public, known as Lay Advisers, also sit on the SMB.

Every year, your SMB publishes a MAPPA Annual Report, which is available on this site. For further information, contact your MAPPA Coordinator whose details are in the MAPPA Annual Report or through your area’s police or probation head office who will be able to provide you with contact details.