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How long will I be in MAPPA?
Category 1: registered sexual offenders - until your period of “registration” finishes.

Category 2: violent and other sexual offenders - until your licence or hospital order (including any restriction order) ends.

Category 3: other dangerous offenders - until a decision is made that the level of risk has reduced enough to allow you to be removed.
What if I have a complaint about how I am being dealt with?
If you are not happy with a decision an agency has taken, you have the right to complain to that agency. A complaint to any of the agencies will be taken seriously and followed according to their normal complaints procedures. Complaints procedures are available from each agency. If your complaint is specifically about MAPPA procedures, this should be addressed to your local MAPPA Co-ordinator. Their details can be found in your area’s MAPPA Annual Report.
Will the offender know when disclosure takes place?
The offender will be told that disclosure has been made in most cases. However, they will not be told where this would increase risk or obstruct
criminal investigations. Sometimes the offender will make the disclosure themselves with the help of a police and/or probation officer or other official. Those given any information will be asked to sign an agreement that shows that they fully understand their responsibilities having been given the information.
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