Lay Adviser Appointments

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Lay Advisers make an important contribution to the oversight of MAPP arrangements as they act as critical friends, asking questions that may not occur to the professionals involved.

The Criminal Justice Act 2003 obliges the Secretary of State to appoint two Lay Advisers in each MAPPA area, to sit on that area’s Strategic Management Board and assist in reviewing MAPPA activity. The following have recently been appointed as Lay Advisers and we would like to welcome them to the MAPPA community and for undertaking this important contribution to the work of MAPPA:

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128 entries

List of entries in this database
NameAreaAppointment/Re-appointmentDate of AppointmentCandidate known to a panel member before interview
Komaljit Sandhu
29 Jan 2019 View
Iain Helstrip
Thames Valley
29 Jan 2019 View
Rachel Avery
County Durham
04 Nov 2019 View
Lynne James
04 Nov 2019 View
Veronica O'Dea
Avon and Somerset
16 Jan 2020 View
Amit Bhagwat
West Yorkshire
21 Mar 2020 View
Andrea Duc
04 May 2020 View
Satya Schofield
10 Jul 2020 View
Bill Turner
10 Jul 2020 View
Natalia Schiffrin
10 Jul 2020 View
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